Club Penguin Coin Cheats

Hello. On this page you can find stratagies to get the very most money out of your gaming expierience and to have fun.

Catchin’ Waves:

To play Catchin’ Waves, go to the Cove:


And go inside the little hut.

When faced by the options screen, tick the box Freestyle. This is best to get a good amount of coins and not being to daunting:


If however you are up for a challenge, tick Survival. This is considerably harder but you will get more coins.

Another tip is to bring the Silver Surfboard with you. This gives you a few extra coins for flips and spins. Here is me doing a flip on my Silver Surfboard:


Try using the mouse and arrow keys at the same time. Mabye combining F with down key or turning the mouse when on the left key. It’s your choice. To do a flip or a few flips, loop your mouse several times.

Pizzatron 3000:

To get to Pizzatron 3000 head to the Plaza and enter the shop marked ‘Pizza.’


Go through the curtains to enter the Chef’s kitchen. You can switch between Normal mode and Desert mode by flicking the red handle:


Then press ‘Play’ once you are ready to go and have read the Instructions. Never rush your Pizza making, but if in a hurry dont panic and dont keep looking up and seeing whats around you or how many lives you have left, just stay focused on the items and what is happening. Here is me making a Cheese pizza:


Puffle Roundup:

Head to the Plaza and enter the Pet shop. Go over to the Employee’s door and click ‘Yes’ when it says, ‘Do you want to play Puffle roundup?’


Start the level and try to get as many in the pen as possible. Once you have about 3-5 in, start shoowing all the other puffles out the field, this way it saves time dadyling around with that annoying Black one in the pen, and also stay aware because sometimes the puffles captured can escape. Just good to keep your eye out for them.


Thin Ice:

To get to Thin Ice, head to the Night Club, then go upstairs by following the steps on the right and waddle over to a blue machine like this:


Then press Play and work your way through the levels:




Collect Money bags along the way as well. And remember to always go through every space.

Astro Barrier:

Pop to the Night Club, up the steps (as heading to thin ice) and astro barrier is opposite:


Before pressing ‘enter’ to play, you can press 1,2 or 3 on your keypad to take you to level 10, 20 or 30. If you get to level 30, shoot the big blue ship to get onto secret levels.

If you are on back to earth levels from 1-20, try focusing your best on what is up and coming and thinking; if i’m here where will I get to there etc.


Hydro Hopper:

Head to the Dock for Hydro Hopper, and waddle to the Red boat. To earn extra coins, like Catchin’ Waves – but not a surfboard – use a wakeboard. They can be purchased from the Sports Shop 24/7 and will help you earn more money whilst playing the game.


As I said, wakeboards can be purchased from the Sports Shop at all times, located in the Ski Village. They are retailing at 300 coins each.


This does add a little springy affect whilst playing the game. Head back to the Dock and say yes when the message pops up asking, ‘Would you like to play Hydro-Hopper?’


Do watch out for items and not to crash into any.

Ice Fishing:

Ice Fishing is a relaxing game, but you must be patient. Head to the Ski Lodge to play.


You can buy a special type of  fishing rod from the Sports shop that catch a different breed of fish.

To catch the Mullet (the big pink fish) save 1 fish until near-end of the game and let it dangle before the mullet’s very own eyes. Then hoist the mullet up with the rod.

I hope you enjoyed the page, a lot of hard work went into making it. Don’t think fo copying anything as this page is Copyright Protected©.



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  1. Another page to help you through the world of Club Penguin games!


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    Mmopuk: No problem! That’s what the page is for!

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    you rock mmopuk

  5. Wex- Thanks.
    Aran- If u say so.

  6. Cool tips! I’m pretty good at Catchin’ Waves. Everyone visit my site and comment.

  7. Posted by flossy 555 on February 8, 2009 at 11:40 am

    they were really good tips!!! 🙂

    iMmopuk: Thanks Flossy!

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  14. Awsome page!

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    My New Website 4 Club Penguin:

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    how do you get the silver surfboard

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