Erh, hey.


I don’t actually know if there’s anyone reading this, guys I have actually been given a lot of messages from guys asking me to come back, it’s really sweet of you, but guys it’s not gonna happen. I do play CP, (okay, about once a fortnight), but I still play. I am not offering to meet anyone but I just wanna let you guys know that I am out there. 🙂

It’s not that I grew out of blogging, I grew out of CP blogging. I still have a very popular website which is which I’d appreciate if you’d visit, and if possible click on my adverts. It’s a small pleasure, if you click it earns me a minute amount of money. Not much, but hey. I am moving on to do bigger and better things with life. If I die, or go to hospital I will let you all know, but it’s mainly my Twitter., if you’re not following and listing me there, I suggest you do to be up to date with my stuff. I have just over 19,000 tweets (as of mid-late April ’09) and over 700 followers and I appreciate to see you there.#

The reason why I posted this (if you are even reading…) is because well, it’s nearly been a year. Yeah, *gasps* I know, it was middle-ish, end-ish May I quit, it’s coming towards the middle-ish, end-ish of April now, 2010. So if you care, if there’s anyone reading – this is what I’ve done from then, to now. Of course I’ve had several blogs. I can’t live without blogging. 😉

  1. Okay, so in May when I quit – pretty much soon after, in late/mid June I started up iMmopuk’s Daily News (, it was an unmittigated failiure (is it still there, dunnoh…) and it didn’t last a month even, lol.
  2. So then in mid July I started up GuideFlorida again, which I registered in Jan ’09, but never used. I ran that with Florida posts, for a while. Of course, I actually went to Orlando, Florida in the August.
  3. I continued with that until about October, November 2009 when I continued with GuideFlorida, but… I did real-life blog posts.
  4. In mid-December 2009 I had got bored, and lacked enthusiasm with posting, and that went down the drain.
  5. 2 days after that I started up on the CP bandwagon again and made (now deleted) which had CP funny pictures. It was popular, but it didn’t last long, until late December. Yeah, shorter than the News blog.
  6. On the same day, I came back to GuideFlorida, but I realised that it wasn’t about Florida really, more Orlando – and that was my specialised area, so yes, I started it again, but with a new name ‘The Orlando Guide’ but with the domain.
  7. In mid-January 2010, I brought a domain through WordPress, still using their service, but I brought a .net domain, hence the site becoming
  8. That lasted for a fair while, I revamped practically everything, but I wanted and needed more and to be stretched, so in mid-March 2010, I went self-hosted. It was a FAILIURE. So I cancelled it and I stopped. No blog.
  9. But, in very late March 2010, I found a great site to help me with the self-hosted process, and bing-baddley, wow, transferred the domain and went self-hosted using, still under the name
  10. And then, my uncle and I (mostly me, eh hem) did the designing and my uncle did the behind-dah-scenes techhy stuff and it got looking and going great, then I introduced adverts and that’s where I am now!

I have twittered the whole way (since 28th February, 2009) and there’s been up’s and downs, and that’s my past year, blogging wise. I plan to stretch The Orlando Guide further, by hopefully doing an eBook, a podcast, an iPhone/iTouch (and now iPad app), merchandise store and much more by mid-2012. It may seem a long way away, but these things take time. And this is the proffession I want to be when I’m older. A travel writer/blogger, tecchy guru.

So, that’s my journey. Feel free to comment if you’re not a spam bot and you are reading this. Okay, take care all.

-Oli (or Mmopuk as you knew me!)

P.s: This site’s CSS expires at the end of the month (just before), so that’s why it’ll look different.


3 responses to this post.

  1. 😀

  2. Wow… 🙂
    Well, we’re glad to know you’re NOT in the hospital!
    But I realized without realizing before…

    I accidentally deleted you on CP!
    I’m dumb…..
    But you can thank MCCP and their stressful and mind blowing jerkiness for me clearing out my list. I actually had to wait 5 months just to find Yoshimad123 again…

  3. Hai. Remember meh? xD

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