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A Long Way Back…

Hello everyone,

Do you remember me? Your good old friend Mmopuk! Yeah, I hang around a lot on xat and Twitter so youll still see me. Just checking up on my site. I might do the old recap every now and then

Ooh, Ive missed a lot since Ive quit. I still play CP of course, but it just seems like a whole lot easier not blogging. I do post a bit on iDaily but that will go soon, well it might. That means yes, ish. I might get back to my Florida blog that Ive been inviting visitors to etc.

If you are still blogging out there I am congratulating you. I know it may look easy to all you non-bloggers, but trust me it isnt. It was fun at first and it will always be a great memory.  And for those bloggers who have 2 or 3 blogs you are AMAZING! So, its just a little hello and a goodbye from me. You can still chat to me daily on my Twitter. Widget-link to it is in the sidebar. So, until then…

Happy trails until we meet again! Your loyal friend and follower, iMmopuk, Mmopuk, iMmopukCP, Mmo, iMmo or the idiot who gave up blogging! 😉