Club Penguin Medeival Party Quest & Cheats!

Medeival Tip!  There is some great medeival clothing in the Gift Shop, ‘market’ so check it out!!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry I’m a bit later updating today – I got stuck in the Member’s quest, finding myself out!

Right, let’s kick things off with the Crown Pin! It’s hidden in the Boiler room. Same idea, like the hot lava pouring into the mould etc. etc. Click it when made.

13 King's crown pin

Now, let’s kick things secondly running with the non-members. The Wizardry hat from last year is there.

12 Wizard Hat

Get to the Lighthouse for that. Now! For the con, now this Member’s quest is SURE HARD (unless you use the quest guides) but it’s a con! Most rooms you go to are repeatedly the same. Nevertheless, I still lurv this. So, here goes.

Town will, do. Click the poster.

6Knight's Needed

7Go there

Yes, once your there head through the ginormous gates.

8Go Inside Gates

Yes, once inside you have to (I know it sounds wrong..) light up the balls!! Hehe, well do it.

9Light Up Balls

Then, you can proceed to the Snowball target room. Pick up the golden sheild and hit 50 targets between your group.

10Golden Shields

Then you have to work your way through the maze.

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

And you will get to the ‘secret’ room. Pick up the shining armour there.

That’s all folks, check out the Medeival Party while you can!!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Should I do formal posts like I used to or ‘informal’ like this one. hrrm…
    Tell me!!


  2. I’m a nonmember. 😦 But I used Yarury peng. 🙂

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