The Sensei Wants You!

Hello Penguins,

Currently on the Club Penguin homepage, an advert has been put out encouraging penguins to get playing or ‘training’ on Card Jitsu to get to the next belt or ‘a’ belt (if you are currently not a belt.) Head to the Sensei high up in the mountains and he’ll give you some cards. Then you can go to Competition Mode and he will pick a player for you. Keep going and working yourself until you become a ninja.


Once you become a ninja you get tons of benefits. For starters, you will get your black belt. Then challenge sensei to become a ninja. Keep going. Then you will be granted access to the Ninja’s only room. If you need more help, visit my Ninja Training Guide page.



7 responses to this post.

  1. Get training guys. I know I became a Ninja last novemeber, but keep going – some of you aren’t still there!!

  2. I will never be a ninja!! Cos i can never be bothered to play card jitsu… LOL

  3. Ohh Ting Tong, keep trying. Are you actually on a belt?

  4. nice post!

  5. i got a black belt and chalenged the sensei and became a ninja but when logged back on again i was on blue belt! 😥

  6. But I don’t want him!

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