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New Widget’s!

Hello Penguins,

I have some new widgets I made myself – pretty good eh? I know on the Pin one it says the Tinypic thing when you hover over and when you click it – but look – I’ve learned from my mistakes on the ninja one – look it looks fab. It’s got the info when you hover over and when you click it!

I will hopefully be making more soon!!



Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Returns With More Than A Ship!

Hello Penguins,

Hehe, optimistic title. Well, over the last week or so I have been giving you teasers on how close Rockhopper is coming and/or his progress and what’s happening. Well it is confirmed and for you all to see that he’s arrived on Club Penguin. Awesome! Let’s diggle in to the cheats:

  1. First log on to Club Penguin.
  2. Then click the beach.
  3. Walk the bridge to the Migrator (ship).

Head Onto Migrator

Then, here is the images of his decorated ship. Normally when Rockhopper visits Club Penguin he comes in his usual Migrator with some piratey items. Well, not this time. Now he’s gone the full way out and smartened his decor and has gone for a jungely theme. Mabye inspired from when he was in Florida! 😉

Upfloor Migrator

Crows Nest Migrator

Downstairs Migrator

While we’re downstairs – Rockhopper has some rather nice items on offer for you! The free item is his ‘Overgrown’ background. I would’ve called it: “Jungala!” but then again, hey ho. He also has some potted plants for members –  mabye they’re like the old ones that grow!

Rockhopper Items

They are quite nice. Why not get into the piratey spirit and play a game of Treasure Hunt to earn some ‘booty’ to pay for the plants and mabye continue that way!

But, if you’re one desire while Rockhopper is here is to find him – then you’re in luck! Visit the Rockhopper Tracking page in the sidebar on this website which will provide you with all the help you need. May do a re-furb or change the images…

Moving off that, the new pin! It’s in the Pizza parlor.

  1. Log onto Club Penguin.
  2. Head to the Plaza.
  3. Then zoom inside the Pizza parlor and go back on yourself to get the Ice Cream Sundae pin!

Ice Cream Sundae Pin

Hurrah! Hurrah!

That’s Friday done – any more suprises in store. What d’you think of today? Leave a comment as always and let me know what you think!


Sensei Wants Progress Bar!

Hello Penguins,

Currently Sensei is getting his wish of a Ninja Progress bar. This will tell you how many more win’s you’ll need to suceed to getting you’re next belt!

Progress Chart Coming

Now, I know I don’t normally post Newspaper articles, but it seemed a biggie!


Happy77 Interviews A Viking Stage Artist!

Hello Penguins,
Everyone seems to be excited about having a new play at the Stage and we thought an interview with someone who did some of the writing for it would be in order. So without further fuss, here’s the scoop on [insert ghosty sounds here]: The Haunting of the Viking Opera! (Don’t be scared. They’re not super scary ghost noises…)
Tell us what it’s like to write a Club Penguin play from the first idea until you see it on Stage.
It’s epic! It starts with an idea like: “Hey! How about a play about Vikings?” and starts snowballing. One minute you have a script, then suddenly you have costumes, a set, music, the works! It’s cool when an idea comes to life.

What’s the coolest part of this Haunting of the Viking Opera play?
Well it’s sort of like “Vikings versus Ghosts”, which is a tough one to call. Ghosts are spooky, but Vikings have those pointy-helmets. Both are exciting, doing ghost-y and Viking-y things. Oh man, could you imagine a Viking Ghost? I think I just scared myself!

Do you think Vikings ate candy?
Most definitely. I’m pretty sure that’s what the Vikings in the Operas were singing about in the first place: how much they love candy. 😉

So grab your friends and solve the mystery! The Haunting of the Viking Opera will be at the Stage until June 11.


Rockhopper’s Arriving With A Jungle!

Hello Penguins,

From the latest what-haps and misbeans I am sure that last Thursday I did a post showing you Rockhopper coming with some sort of jargen to his usually plain Migrator. Here is a closer updated look.

Rockhopper Jungle

I wonder if any Orang-utans and lions and zebras, (wait that’s not right, zebras don’t live in jungles!!) As I was saying – let me know what your prediction is as always.


Club Penguin Book Update!

Hello Penguins,

A lot of new merchandise has been coming out lately. I picked up 6 packs of Card Jistsu cards in my local newsagent (thanks mum!) and there are tonnes of stuff here and there waiting to be brought. A key example the latest of Club Penguin’s delights is the PSA books and CP books. They are to incourage children to read and have fun while reading. Apparently it gives more info on how to work with Gary and about the PSA.

Club Penguin books

The books include: Secret Agent Handbook, Waddle Lot Of Laughs, The Inventor’s Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, Igloo Makeover, Stowaway and Stuck on Puffles are now avaliable in Book stores. And like most CP toys, some give codes to unlock stuff online!


The New Trend – Medeival Ninja’s (Could It Be…?)

Hello Penguins,

Your combinations were too cool. The team was in awe of some of your ninja-medieval style mix-ups! Here’s a really cool one:

What do you think? Club Penguin added 5,000 coins to her account to make her happy – just for the fun medeivalness!

It’s a good combo – but what do you think?