iMmopuk Turns 2 Years Old – PARTAY!!

Hello Penguins,

Yes, from now on, I will try- to have more parties (I will try!!) And I looked at my calendar and just remembered that I turn 2 years old, tomorrow on CP!! It is my birthday, yes it is! So, of course I am throwing a party, yeah!


Here’s the information written:

iMmopuk’s Turns 2 Years Old Party!!

  • When – Monday 27 April
  • Server – Sleet
  • Time – 9:30am PST
  • Place – Dock
  • Why – I turn 2 years old!! =D
  • Dress – Funky!! =D
  • Stuff – Games!! =D

Party Schedule!!

  • 9:30am – Arrival: get to know all my party-goer’s and whatnot.
  • 9:35am – Tobogganing: Yeah!! Down the mountain, bro’!
  • 9:40am – Dance Off: Head to Nightclub – dance comp, easy level.
  • 9:50am – Put ur’ chips in: Connect 4, head to Ski Lodge.
  • 9:55am – Head to the Dojo Courtyard: and into the Ninja room (get black belt before tommorrow!!)
  • 10:05am – FIGHT!! We will get ready to get to Snow Forts and FIGHT!!
  • 10:10am: Ice Hockey: Yep, the ring is next door so why not.
  • 10:15am: Say g’bye to everyone, and post review on site.


  • iMmopuk Turns 2:  Monday, April 27 2009.
  • Boogiee ‘on down!: Sunday, May 17 2009. (DETAILS NEARER TIME)
  • 75,000 hits party: Whenever we get to 74,000. Please, hurry guys!!

Also, I am re-newing the CSS for this site. Please guys, can we get 75,000 before the middle of May. Cheers.



7 responses to this post.

  1. Looking forward to the party, try and get your friends, parents, neighbours, relatives, cousins, nephews, neices etc. etc. to come. This is very short notice, (sorry.) Let me know if you can come. This will either be a huge success or it will be a major dissapointment.


  2. Can i be on your blogroll????

  3. Dude, most people cant come to the party since we’ll all be at school. And at Flubby to your blogroll!

  4. i mean add Flubby. Anyone that lives in the US will be at school

  5. cool. I wish I could’ve been there, but school gets in the way. And, I’m having a party today too, but short notice too.
    Anyway, happy (late) 2 year-old birthday!
    And add me to ur blogroll, too dude.

  6. by the way…sweet penguin name. Nobody’ll ever think of that, not even the smartest cp software agent in the U.S!
    Bye Buffy1011

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