Club Penguin New Sled Racing Equipment & New Club Penguin Dance Songs Cheats!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin were late in updating (that is becoming a bad habit) but they have released the Toboggans for the Sled Racing. You must be a member on Club Penguin, (and who isn’t a member on Club Penguin these days?) and head to the Ski Hill for the cheats.

Go to the toboggan as shown, or alternitavly click the green sheet of paper in the bottom right of your Club Penguin screen.


Then, click the piece of paper, and you will be confronted with this screen, if you are a member on CP and you wish to have the toboggan, press BUY.


As a result of buying this, you will be able to go faster in the game. Woo-hoo! Here is me in action hitting the runs!


So, there hehe. This will include new music to Sled Racing, as Screenhog suggest that newer games such as: Catchin’ Waves, Aqua Grabber and Card Jitsu have music, so it is good that one of Club Penguin’s oldest games has it, it’s gewd.

Speaking of music, some new dance songs for members only (uhh…what for non members?!?) I know I’m a member…yeah here are the new songs anyways.

  • Patrick’s Jig
  • Go West
  • Let’s Bounce

Heaven knows what they’re like!!



5 responses to this post.

  1. Hey-ho!! Well, Club Penguin are getting sloppy with not updating on time. Dear, dear.


  2. I’m sad. I just became a nonmember yesterday and I really need a coin code (perferrably series 2). 😦

  3. I can’t have membership for a month.

  4. And No, you do not go faster.

  5. Yeah, I got some info of and I know for a fact that it D.O.E.S make you go faster, geddit??

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