Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Comes to Walt Disney World!

Hello Penguins!

Whenever Rockhopper lands in Club Penguin, things get exciting. You often let us know that you love hanging out with him! So we’re thrilled to share some very, very special news – our own pirate penguin, Captain Rockhopper, will be making an in-person appearance in Walt Disney World in Florida!! He’ll arrive at the park on April 30th and be there until May 13th. rock_blue[1].jpg

It’s a shame that I am not going to the event, pity. I am going there in August. Well, nevermind. Cya!!



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  1. I am sadly not gonna be over there at the time, if you are and when you return, please feel free and if you have any images and videos and you are happy to share them with myself and the viewers on this website, please email everything to or if a video give me the upload link onto Vimeo or YouTube. YouTube preffered.

    Using a picture(s). Upload please using; Photobucket, TinyPic Thanks!!


  2. Hey, nice post!
    Don’t think I’m going to Disney World 😐

  3. Great Post Mmopuk! And Want That White Box Gone? At The Bottom Of You Widgets?
    I Can Fix That For You!

  4. Posted by puffy mimi on April 19, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    what?!?! thats AWESOME!!! but too bad i dont live in flordia and i dont think im going there. 😦 waaaaaaaaaa! i wanna see him!!! LOL

    ~puffy mimi

  5. You have been officially Invited to SnowBossi’s 400.000 Hits Party

    Place : Sleet Dock/Beach [If dock is FULL we will go to the Beach .]

    Time : 10 Am PST

    I hope you can come
    Signed ~Snowbossi

  6. sweet post help me get views mmo !

  7. Hi. Bye.

  8. Hi. Bye.

  9. I’m having a beta penguin contest! You might wanna check it out!

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