Club Penguin Series 2 Coin Code Giveaway!

Hello Penguins,

Now, I am ultimatley willing to give away a Series 2 coin code. But not for free! What you have to do to acomplish this is to follow me, iMmopukCP ( on twitter. Here’s what I’m going to do! If you follow me on Twitter then it will go one follower up! So, as someone follows me it will go up. When we reach 500 followers, I will give the Series 2 Official Club Penguin Coin Code away!! I will select one random person and I will DirectMessage or e-mail (whichever they want) them the code. But once we get to 500 don’t diss me! Because, when we reach 1,000 I will give another away, and so forth! So, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning here’s what you’ve got to do!

People with a Twitter account!

If you already have an account, this is easy! Just go to (favourite or bookmark it if it helps) and press the follow button as demonstrated below!


People without a Twitter account!

Fear not, your task is a little harder (still a doddle) and I will show you how to make one, c’mon it’s worth it for a coin code!!

First, go to and this large message will pop up, click ‘Join today!’


Once there, press Join Today as previousily mentioned and fill out all your information. Not real, well you can, but a penguin name is more appropriate!! (Note: This is just an example, do not put this info!)


There you go! Then go to http:// / your account name!! And you will be following me! Note, if you sign up via. you will have to go to and then press ‘Follow’ because you didn’t on my page!! That’s all!



7 responses to this post.

  1. Hi! I already follow you on twitter so…. lol :p

  2. Aww…I don’t want to have an account but I need a code. Check my site at the Donations page to see what I would give you for a series 2 code.

  3. Nice Post! You should check and I would happy to add you my Blog roll, Other Blog roll, or Ultimate links! Check it out!
    ~source~ 😉
    P.S i hope you dont mind advirtesing since you advirtese all the time!

  4. Can I have one of your coin codes, I really need one and I will give you a rare 800 day old peng. Please. I really need a toy code.

  5. Posted by nicgo on May 16, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    i forgot my mom wont let me go on twitter

  6. Posted by nicgo on May 16, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    oya, meet me on deep freeze right now. hope your here!!!

  7. Dude, you should make this post sticky, so that people will know about this and follow you on twitter.
    -Cptestninja(Wbtpe’s Brother)

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