Thank You So Much Guys!

Hello Penguins,

You know earlier on a week or so ago I asked if I should continue my CSS subscription, you have made my mind up for me. YES!!!

You penguins have really made me proud, we broke a WORLD RECORD of hits here at iMmopuk’s Club Penguin Cheats, just look at the picture below and see for yourselves!


A brilliant, amazing, flabbergasting, astonishing, marvellous, fantastic, super-duper 2,015 hits!!!!!

Thank you ever so much guys, I was planning to have a 50,000 hits party next weekend but it’s my uncle’s birthday and easter, and I’m going to a theme park on top of that. So, I am going to extend it to 75,000 hits which I’m sure we can manage in a few weeks, I don’t know if it’s che Club Penguin Cheats or Secrets or Help with Club Penguin that you come for, or the up-to-date posts or me! Whether it be any or a different reason in all I would like to say a big thank-you to all of you and keep this up! iMmopuk’s Club Penguin Cheats would like to see more of this, I may/may not have a contest, more likely if we keep getting these hits! Thanks to all of you and keep visiting!



5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks a million guys! I am truly proud!


  2. Cool Congradulations my best day ever is 4,567 😀 and i made a new site in march and it already has nearly 10,000 views 😀

  3. Awesomes!

  4. heyy,
    Pinkey2we Here. and I was wondering if you could check out my totally random blog and possibly add it to your blogroll, i will add you if you add me, just comment on my blog, and i will add you, if you would like to contact me contact me at Im sorry if this was spam……
    -Pinkey2we aka. LUHY :mrgreen:
    P.S. Great Clubpenguin Blog!

  5. Nice record dude 😀
    Mine was 12,000 once xD

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