Club Penguin Nameless Penguin Cheat!

Hello Penguins,

I have found a truly awesome cheat, as for all the views, the least I could do is provide this awesome cheat! As we are the home of awesome Club Penguin Cheats here it is.

First, head to the Snow Forts and enter the Box Store and pick up a Portal Box.


Then head to your igloo and head to the inventory or your storage as they call it and pull out (by clicking) a Portal Box and put it in your igloo.


Once it’s out, place it somewhere and click it. Then quickly press the Edit Igloo icon, the tape measure for me and you.


Then, it will take you to the Portal Box dimesion and take a looksie! No names, pretty cool, eh?


And, if you still stay on Club Penguin (and who wouldn’t) this Club Penguin Cheat gets even better, anywhere you go on Club Penguin, no names will appear!


But if you are getting creeped out by all of this you can change back, I think it’s quite fun, and Club Penguin say they will keep the Portal Box for you and your friends to enjoy after April Fools’ for a while. Yipee!


But, now you can log out, but don’t forget if you brought the Gardening Gear in the latest Clothing Catalog, and press ‘D’ or dance you can rake!


That’s all for now, let’s try and get yesterday’s hits, today! That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats, cya round!



5 responses to this post.

  1. A truly amazing Club Penguin Cheat!

    That’s what this place is all about!

  2. You could…..Never mind actually

  3. Hey Chinsetakout here!!

    There is a coin code giveaway at my site! Just be the first to use the code and you get to unlock the items! Be at my site at 2:00pm PST and 3:00pm PST tp try to win! 😀


  4. I want club penguin membership.

  5. I want club penguin membership.:D:D:@

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