Club Penguin Play Award Results & Chat Bubble Cheat!

iMmopuk’s edit: Great news! We got 900 hits yesterday so a 50k hits party will be on the way soon! 😉

Hello Penguins,

Now, you have been voting for your favourite play and I must admit I am proud with the winner winning 4 out of 5 titles. I voted for this play all round, Quest of the Golden Puffle. It lurks the enjenuity and the egyptian Indiana Jonesy feel to the atmosphere. It brings out flare and exubarant taste (those words are worth a million dollars!)


And now, I recently discovered this cheat whilst browsing Chrisdog’s blog, and I’ve heard Club Penguin Cheats of the kind before, but not this kind of cheat, and you lucky penguins are with the knowhow of how to do this amazing cheat!

  1. First, be on safe chat not the ‘parents are meanies and are too safe and are wasting their kids time online ultimate safe chat mode’ lawls, and go to any room and type in anything 7-10 letters long.
  2. Then, instead of putting one space between them, put 3. No, no, trust me on this one, put 3. Repeat this 4 times. It should look like the pic .typing-immopuk
  3. Then press the send button and look my little penguins! saying-it-all

Pretty sweet cheat, eh?



5 responses to this post.

  1. Stupid picture spacing looks fine on my side, the editing side but looks like a piece of crappy junk on this side. Excuse the untidyness.

  2. Your on the front page of wordpress!

  3. Nice post 😀
    I am having a party today:
    12 PM PST, Fjord dock 😛
    Hope to see you there!

  4. Posted by ninjatoo on April 4, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    Awesome! Did you know that it also works if you say AWESOME or GOODBYE? I’ll see if it works when you say SPAGHETTI. Lol. Awesome site, bye!!

  5. Cool site. Im gonna add you to my blogroll. P.S. How do you get the image in the comment box?


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