S’t Pattie’s Party is Here, and Boy is it Good!

Hello Penguins,

Many apologies throughout the week, and to Yoshi (Edwolf) for saying back in February that Pandanda is babyish. I really lurv it now. http://pandanda.com. Now, that IS NOT the reason my updates aren’t as fluent, I am not going to be online AT all this Saturday, only in the evening because of a school show rehersal. Same goes on Friday, and next saturday is the real thing, so sorry folks. After that, I’m back to normal.

So, the Saint Pattie’s party is great! Pick up yer non member Shamrock hat in the Coffee Shop!


Then, if you are a member go to the Forest, where the entrance to the Leprechaun house is there!


Then pop inside and pick up the Accordian, Lawls! 😉


This is for members ONLY. The stage is also under construction for the Penguin Awards, ‘Oscars’ next week.


And the new pin is a Gold Coin, Shamrock pin at the Ski Mountain.


Tha’s all for now, off to play Pandanda, I’m uuuf!



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  2. I hate the party! Worst one since Disney bought Disney! They are even cheatin! Look at my post to see it (it will be made at around 1:30 Britisn time PM).

  3. I saw you yesterday and you were awfully rude

  4. Wait. Its bought CP, not Disney.

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  10. im haveing a party today!
    Where: Server Tundra at dock
    When: 4 pm pst!

    some famous ppl will be there!
    and my pnguin name is Rock Band 09 because my others got hacked 😦

    ps. please come!

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