Club Penguin White Puffle Release & S’t Patrick’s Day Items!

Hello Penguins,

First of 2 posts today… IT’S A FRIDAY!!! You lucky things, aren’t I spoiling you?!? Well, White Puffle’s are out! YEE-HAH! WOOT! So I am very pleased as usual.


It’s going to be a mad rush to buy them! 😉 And S’t Patrick’s day items are being cluttered evrywhere. KEEP YOU HOOKED. Because check out the cool dances moves the little bro’ can do!


Now, as I was saying, literally can’t wait for Saint Patrick’s day… ZZZZZZZ…. Not that I give a… but still they cluttered some babyish junk around. I only bothered to do the big heap at Forest;


That’s all, oh no! The post above!



3 responses to this post.

  1. White Puffle’s YAY!


  2. Boo! Its members only. Disney Sucks!

  3. Disney really sucks!!

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