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New Club Penguin Trading Cards!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin have announced that there’ll be a new set of Puffle Trading cards, which sounds very exciting! Yes, they are coming sometime in April. You can play with them at home and to build up your Card Jitsu deck online. Yep, doesn’t that sound cool?


Also, the Elite Penguin Force DS game will now be avaliable in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland! It will be avaliable in several place like Top Toys and some other really long name like, okay here goes: Elighanginahanten. Yep, that. Whatever it is. And for you lot ‘down under’, Club Penguin is working on getting it in Australia.

Other news, my Custom CSS renewal finishes in April 27th, so not a lot of time, don’t know whether or not to renew it, you lot would all belt, “YES!” On the other hand, I’m not so sure. Anyways, give me time to ponder on it. 😛



Winter Sports Catalog – Top Hat Pin – Game Helpers New Chat Bubble – Ninja Boost – Twitter on WP! =P

Hello Penguins,

Gawd, what a lot. Let’s start with the Winter Sports Catalog. Click the green penguin for the green kit!


And then click the mud in the ground for the Red Baseball hat!


I am also saying that I will get the chance to update more when I’m on my school holidays, that’s from Monday. Last day 2day!

Sorry I put ‘2day’ so fixed with twittering in 140 charecters. LOL!

Next, I just want to mention that even more totally sweet Ice Sculptures are left in that Ice Sculptuing around Club Penguin! Check ’em out!

Next, is that Club Penguin have added some real cool font in their chat bar! Ca-ching!


Thanks Club Penguin!

There was also a new Martial Artorks catalog, nothing exciting.

The new pin is in the Ski Lodge attic, the Top Hat pin!


Game boosters are dotted around Club Penguin!




And WP (WordPress) now has Twitter updates. Latest 3 in my sidebar! That’s all for now, bye!


April Fool’s Party Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

Just saying that I accidentaly forgot to publish this. Anyways, on the with the post, on Wednesday April 1st, the April Fool’s Party will start and continue to the 6th.


Do you know what room that is? It is a Sneak Peek, I literally cannot wait. I will not have a lot of time to be on CP as I will be in a theme park, so I will only be able to update in the morning, so I will be on to update then.


Penguin Awards at Stage, New Igloo Catalog & Furnishings & Ice Sculpture Winners! =D

Hello Penguins,

Apologies again, it’s outside life really busy, as you can see on my Twitter, Yeah, but let’s start with this HUGE post.

First up is the Penguin Awards. Vote for your favourite at the booth outside, I think there should be more than one booth, just saying.


Then, check out the costume trunk, (I’ll come back to that later.) And go backstage, member’s only I think and get the Penguin Awards trophe.


Then, head back to the costume trunk, here are the cheats for it:

Click the gold penguin for the Penguin Aawards Background:


For the Cheap Time Travellers hat, click the wierd green thing with bones in it.


Then for the Squidzod costume, click the word ‘vs.’


Then, moving onto the Igloo Furnishings, the hidden items are all ones from the past and there is nothing much interest.

There is a Resturant igloo though, pretty cool.


And the Ice Sculpture winners are:

Winner 1:


Winner 2:


Winner 3:


Winner 4:


Winner 5:


That was in no particular order. I like Number 2 best as a Sculpture, but Number 4 best as a drawing.

Anyways, btw. Follow me on twitter please, but keep following me, I always update, so stop dissing me! Lawls! 😉


S’t Pattie’s Party is Here, and Boy is it Good!

Hello Penguins,

Many apologies throughout the week, and to Yoshi (Edwolf) for saying back in February that Pandanda is babyish. I really lurv it now. Now, that IS NOT the reason my updates aren’t as fluent, I am not going to be online AT all this Saturday, only in the evening because of a school show rehersal. Same goes on Friday, and next saturday is the real thing, so sorry folks. After that, I’m back to normal.

So, the Saint Pattie’s party is great! Pick up yer non member Shamrock hat in the Coffee Shop!


Then, if you are a member go to the Forest, where the entrance to the Leprechaun house is there!


Then pop inside and pick up the Accordian, Lawls! 😉


This is for members ONLY. The stage is also under construction for the Penguin Awards, ‘Oscars’ next week.


And the new pin is a Gold Coin, Shamrock pin at the Ski Mountain.


Tha’s all for now, off to play Pandanda, I’m uuuf!


iMmopuk is on Twitter!

Hello Penguins,

Now, ever wanted to get that little bit more info (or all the info) on my private life? Well, I have a Twitter account that has all the info all packed about what I’m doing at that moment and I always update when I can, and you should take the chance to. To do so, you have to follow me, here is what you have to do.

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Then press the “JOIN TODAY”
  3. Then fill out all the info and join! Then go to and press the Follow button. I should be already followed. But if I am not, press Follow.
  4. Look at my updates! my-updates

That’s all for now!


The Shweet Life of White Puffles!

Hello Penguins,

Zac and Codie are away, so the shweet (but naughty) life of White Puffles is airing on Disney Channel tonight! 😛 No, no on your prime-time spot Zac (and of course Codie) are still there, and I thought well, the shweet life of White Puffles. All the know-how and nick-nack on what and where they feel well SHWEET!

My cam-corder was placed at several locations around the iMmo-Home 24/7 capturing their action! 😀 And boy did it pay off!

White Puffle Bathing:


White Puffle Eating:


White Puffle Chewing Gum:


White Puffle Sleeping – in yellow’s bed:


White Puffle Dancing:


Certaintly an interesting life they lead! 😉

And don’t worry, Zac and Codie are still on Disney Channel! 😛