Well Done Wexfief & French Servers!

UPDATE: If you have any XAT’s and DAY’s, then I will give you a 650 day old member penguin. Just email me at mmopuk@gmail.com, and then transfer them to my XAT account iMmopuk123. And the penguin has a hard password and is rare. Thanks!

Hello Penguins,

A winner of the Get featured contest… Wexfief! Well Done!


Wexfief’s weblog is www.wexfief.wordpress.com and he works there with Reader26. It is a very good blog. Wex has always been kind and nice to me, and he got all the answers correctly guessed in the competition. Well done Wex.

In other news…

Club penguin have released some french servers!

Thanks to Chrisdog93 for the pictures!


And on the log in screen you can change it too! Hey Ho!


And there aren’t many, but still some!


Congrats to Wex, and check out the French Servers. www.wexfief.wordpress.com.



9 responses to this post.

  1. Congrat’s Wexfief!

  2. 😯 YAY! Thanks! 😀

  3. Can I just send it using email since I can’t give links to pictures? Once I see your email, I will delete it. Comment your email on my site.

  4. I added you to my blogroll. 😉

  5. Posted by ~Jσнηηριкα¢нυ~ on February 11, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Congratz wex! I still kinda wanted to win, but wex needed this more than I did.

  6. Mmo, Congrats on 40,000! Are you having a party?

  7. Hey! It’s me, Sushi1896… Aww man! I missed the contest! Oh, well, comment back at http://www.sushi1896.wordpress.com See ya!


  8. Good Site and i would like for you to please blogroll me, which the site is http://penguinscp.com/ , then please comment saying you blogrolled me and ill blogroll you back!!, k great, waddle on.

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