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iMmopuk’s Twittering! Are You?

Hello Penguins,

Yes, everyone’s been blabbering on about it, and I have a Twitter! I am now a Twitter fan. Oh yeah? Know the ad, he’s got an account! Lol!

Well, if you could follow me I’d be most grateful, and please follow me! I might even follow you too, if you follow me! 😉




Rockhopper Arrives & New Pin!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry about that I haven’t been posting a lot this week, I have been very busy. Rockhopper has returned and the items are boring. Useless. Rubbish.

Treasure Map Background:


Its’ free and I see why. Useless junk as I said. Useless. Got it before.

Wall Map:


Got before, yawn.

Treasure Chest:


Got previousily, yawn.

Swashbuckler Outfit:


Probably the worst items Rockhopper has every brought to Club Penguin. Meh.

If you look closely at his things to do, there is a white puffle lurking out closely by the bushes and trees near the top right corner.


Heh Heh! He also appears on a certain level of Puffle Roundup, how cool!

And last but not least, the new pin is at the Iceberg, the ‘O Berry.


A rather lousy update if you ask me!

There’s also an Ice Sculpture contest!

Well, is that all? Yeah.


Rockhopper On The Horizon & White Puffle Spotted!

Hello Penguins,

It looks like Yarr is on the horizon. Check the Telescope at the Beacon. Just pop to the Lighthouse and go upstairs. And make the most of the puffle party as it is not hanging around for long!!!



And, look at the Dojo courtyard every 30 mins to see the white puffle, (just go there at say 12:28) or 11:58 to see it, get there just before the hour.



They should be here fairly soon!

Credit to Chrisdog93 for the images.


Club Penguin Puffle Party & February ’09 Igloo Furnishings!

Hello Penguins,

Today we see the the Puffle Party open it’s doors and the Igloo Furnishings is released.

Firstly, want to see your Puffle’s own room? Sure! Well then look at the Puffle Guide below to see:

  • Red Puffle – Cove
  • Blue Puffle – Forest
  • Green Puffle – Beacon
  • Yellow Puffle – Lighthouse
  • Black Puffle – Underground (what was pool)
  • Pink Puffle – Iceberg
  • Purple Puffle – Nightclub

So, head to the Red Puffle room to collect that dang Puffle Bandana that I got when I joined in April-May ’07! Grr!


And if you’ve ever wanted to Fire Puffles, now’s your chance, out of this cannon!


Yes, and want your penguin colour painted? Well go to the Lighthouse and the Yellow Puffle will paint your colour. Not your clothes.

  1. Click map and go to the Lighthouse.
  2. Walk through the door.
  3. Look to where Rockhopper’s wheel and other fishing utensiles used to be.
  4. See the bit where it says ‘Stand Here’ and stand there!
  5. And watch him Paint!

It’s pretty cool, here’s me painted and him doing a cheeky/cheesy grin.


Love It!

There is also a new room specially for the party! (OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!) and then (AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!) Yuppers, remember the Members’ only room at the Fall Fair. Well? Yep, well it’s no Blasting Trampolining gay malarkey. Oh No! Well it is malarkey and banter, yeah. You have to go to the Forts and walk up this path!


And best of all for non members, you can get in too! Not a problem for me, just sayin’.

Once in you may see people firing Puffle O’s into the Puffle’s mouthes. And you are so desperate to have a try. If you look closely, you will probably see how they’re doing it, if you’re a lazy git or can’t then you throw a snowball into the Puffle’s mouth but it will change into a Puffle O. Get it pea-brain? Here’s my Puffle ‘O landing, (nearly).


Ohh yeah! Pretty fun. Now you thought the post was over, didn’t you, ‘eh? Nope. There’s an igloo furnishings catalog. Cheats follow.

Now if you wanna get that bubbling Aquarium, just click the Pinata.


To recieve the Bird House, click on the Snow Fort Turret in the Catalog shown.


And to get the Welcome Mat, click the rope on the Velvet rope.


That’s all for now!


Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Sneak Peek & A New Puffle Colour (Perhaps…)

Hello Penguins,

A blast of Nutorious BIG, no just joking! A blast of Puffle Party and Igloo Furnishings! Gawd! Job to keep up! This is puffle mania all rolled in 1! I think you can probably grasp that by now. It’s getting slightly annoying. And to make it even more painful, take a look at the Catalog Sneak Peek…or not!


More wretched puffles! No…no, they are shweet!!!! Except the black one. But let’s see, how many puffles do you reckon I have? 3, 4, 5 more? Nope. Zero. I am not into all that cutesy looking after things, even though I am willing to marry a nice wife in 15 odd years time and have 3 little kiddies, but this is just some fluff balls wanting fake sick vomit food and wanting walkies all the time, but when you log off, they go in starvation mode. Nah. Puffles are not for me. But, will we be seeing a new colour.

I was browsing Chrisdog93’s blog and spotted a mysterious puffle. All the main colours were there and they were playing freely, but look above that hyper red puffle and you will notice…and before you say it’s a black one, that’s already there, so could it be a mysterious new one? I’m rooting for an Orange, or if I dont succeed a brown one. This would be kewl. Take a look. Thanks to Chrisdog93 again.


Lolz at that red one, making good use of those puffle watchamadingles. Anyway, that’s all for now, it’s a big’n on Friday.


There’s A Toy Update, Happy77 Interviews & Screenhog On Making Items!

Hello Penguino’s!

Errr…yeah…wierd welcome, I know! Now, I’m sorry for those who crammed my e-mail full of “Bring back the Music page plzzzzzz!” kinda comments, I deleted the music page, because it wasn’t anything to do with Club Penguin. Err…hello, this is a Club penguin blog! And I didn’t want any kind of violent content or anything pornographical leaking through! 😉 Not on a Club Penguin blog anyway? 😛

Anyhow, I think I should move swiftly on…GREAT NEWS!!! What? I hear you cry, I cry that some new Club Penguin toys have come to North American Toys ‘R’ Us stores, North American Disney Stores, and theme parks, WOOT! And better still, they’re in the U.K too! YEAH! Here is the image of a solumn Gary.


Looking good these days, eh Gary? Plastic Surgery, Botox? Eh..? Ahh, never mind. Let’s move on yet again.

Judging by the title Happy77 interviews! Yay or Ney? Yes, I’m so chuffed. No…no, I’m joking, he interviews a Stage Artist. Zzzzzzzzzzz….. But I’m sure it’s not all that bad, well, here’s what the topic mentioned.

His first question is, do you just read the Stage scripts after they’re written and then draw what you want said the eager Happy. And he replied, “We do them together. We draw as the writers are putting in ideas and suggestions. Good Idea. Next Happy!

“What’s your favourite part of drawing the stage?” He replies saying that creating a whole world in just one room. He also says that sometimes he feels like he’s lost in a Fairytale forest or detective movie. Nice answer. Here is one of his latest designs, Squidzod and Shadow Guy vs. Gamma Gal.stage2.jpg

His final question has to be something about food – preferably candy! 😀 Happy77 asks this, “Have you ever drawn candy (or food?)” He replies saying that he once drew some Alien Beverages (drinks), but he tries not to draw too much otherwise he’ll get hungry himself!

And our final topic of this post is about Screenhog on Making Items. Below is a penguin with a Tuba.


That is the complete thing. So Screenhog, give us the instructions so you can try at home!

  1. Decide. Usually, items are related to what events are happening that month, or where it will be used (like the costumes in the Costume Trunk).
  2. Design it. A rough drawing is made of what we think the item should look like (in this case, a tuba).

So, here is the Rough and Final’s in one!aTubaRoughFinala.gif

Now, the second part, let’s start from one again. If you have forgotten, look above the pictures and you should find them.

A final drawing is made. This is a clean-up of the rough drawing, with detail, color, and shading added. The icon is also made (this is the drawing of the item that’s in your inventory). The clothing item is then made in 3D.

Here is the 3D one:

aTuba3D_02a.gifAnd if you flick above, to the beginning of this topic, you can see the completed version. Ta Da!

That’s all for now, and what a lot!


Club Penguin 2009 Puffle Furniture & Team Red vs. Blue, New Pin and Boxes All Around!

UPDATE: I made a new page – for missions!

Hello Penguins,

Firstly, on this long post, let’s start with the new pin, a Puffle ‘O Box!


If you cannot tell by the picture, it’s in the Mine!

Next up, as we all know the Puffle Party is coming on Feb 20th (HURRAH!) and they have to show you all the constructions. A ton of boxes have been placed around Club Penguin, wallowing out the water from the Underground Pool.

And as a result of that, you can now stand on top of the Coffee and Gift shop.


And as I mentioned, the Gift Shop!


Yes, now, there is a ‘new’ play at the stage (inverted commas), well, when I say new, 3rd time round. Golly gosh, the Team Red vs. Team Blue play is coming back. Gee! So you can pick up all the old tat you got a few months back.

That Red Viking helmet also pops up in the mix, hidden of course, just click the dodgeball that the red penguin is holding. Not trying to be grose, just sayin’. Just sayin’.


The way he is holding it, LOL, just look at the catalog if you want to see. On the other hand…don’t!

Anyhow, Club Penguin said that some ‘New Puffle Furniture’ is coming, well nope. Sorry. There is nothing new. Just the old faf designed in an new and more appealing way. Everything from yesteryear is there, just click the brown leaf next to the Green Puffle house for the Grey one.


It may seem like a long post, but 80% of it all is old, c’mon CP, you can do better than that. You must make up for it with your Puffle Party in a week! LOL! 😉

That’s all for now…Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow!