Member Party Is Underway – Find DJ Cadence & January ’09 Igloo Furniture Catalog!

Hello Penguins,

Just to say, if you are intresting on taking a holiday to Florida, or are planning one, or are just curious…Take a look at It has loads of stuff (I’m adding more) about Florida that I know.

Right, into Club Penguin. Pick up the boom box at the nightclub.


It also says who is in the room at the current time:


Go to the ‘sign up’ section to dance either single player or multiplayer.

Swooping away from all that action…The new Taco Pin is in the Snow Forts:


And here are the January ’09 Igloo Catalog cheats:

Click the Terracotta Sun for the Superhero Poster:


Click the centre of the Velvet rope for the Welcome Mat:


That’s all for today’s Club Penguin Cheats!



7 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, so the updates are great?!? Don’t you think… I’m sure non-members aren’t feeling the same…You get what you pay for! 😉

    Also… Do you like the header and the comment box? Cool Uhh..?


  2. awesome and im a member

  3. Uh Florida? 😮 You kn…. Nevermind.

    What I’m about to write is NOT advertising. I’m informing you.

    I am having a dance party. This isn’t my 5,000 hits party. Here’s the info.

    When: Saturday Jan. 17, 2009

    Where: Sleet, Town

    Time: 11 AM PST

    Hope you can come!


  4. Now, you are a nice guy and the way you put it with another comment (florida) and how you are informing me, I will leave it, thanks for letting me know. At the moment it’s 50/50 if I can go.

  5. Posted by Blue 6254 on January 17, 2009 at 6:57 am

    Is the band always at Frozen or Fjord?

  6. Fjord always. It’s not on this weekend.

  7. Posted by Blue 6254 on January 17, 2009 at 10:37 am

    OK. Thanks

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