January 2009 Winter Clothing Catalog & Gingerbread Pin!

Update: I have made a new page, go check it out!!!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry I am copying this post (giving credit), and the main reason is because in real life, I turned 11 today, so I had no time to post. I just will mension that my best present was probably £100 from my mum and dad! 😀 I got a cook book, wii games, dvd’s, a game, a plush toy – code already used by me! 😉 an interactive dvd, some felt pens and loads more!!!


The new Penguin Style catalog has been released. The theme of the catalog is dancing.


Click on the red paint on page 1 for the spikester.


Click on the blue light on page 2 for the spikette.


Click on the flower pot on page 3 for the fruit headdress.


Click the orange present on page 4 for the yellow scarf.


Click the tip of the mountain on page 5 for the Russian hat.


Click on the tip of the tree on page 6 for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times for the blue viking helmet.


Click on the snowman’s hat on page 8 for the pink pom pom.


Click on the snowflake on page 10 for the red hoodie.


The Gingerbread man pin can be found in the Ski Lodge Attic.


That’s it for the club penguin cheats!


24 responses to this post.

  1. 11 Today!

    How exciting, are you 11 already or are you looking forward to become 1+1! I still can’t figure how that works out, hmmmm…. Meh, never mind!

    And, what did you get for your last b-day. My parents were a little desperate on the present front, as Christmas has just been, I got most of my pressies then! So, I also got a 1 Year CP Membership! Yo Ho Ho! 😉 And, so we all have b-day’s ever year, but what was you best present you got? From any b-day you’ve had, and most importantly, what was your best b-day? Mine was either this year or 2007.

    But which was your favourite (not out of mine, because you wouldn’t know xD )


  2. im turing 11 on august 20th ! also want a header then just ask me i have adobe fireworks and im getting better every day !

  3. I turned 11 on the 3rd Dec 2008!

  4. Oh! And Happy 11th B’Day Mmopuk!

  5. You’re type of headers wouldn’t work on my CSS Stylesheet anyway, and your headers aren’t that good anyway. Besides, I don’t need one, if I needed one I’d get it somewhere else. Meh.


  6. And atleast MrsDalek has manners and says happy b-day! Thanks!

    Happy Birthday for the 3rd of December! If I would’ve known I would’ve said it sooner! 😉


  7. Posted by Yoshimad123 on January 3, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Happy Birthday Mmo (I’m a bit late. :P)

  8. That’s okay Yoshi, atleast you said it, it’s nice when you get a, Happy Birthday Wish, and congrats on 20k! 😀

  9. My apologies, I was ment to say 30k! 😉

  10. happy late 11th birthday wow your must be really advanced in this computer stuff and my best x-mas was elite penguin force for the DS thats what the director is from epf (elite penguin force) is really cool and my best birthday present was heelys though i havent got the hang of them yet oh and abot94’s post is now being run by BILLYBOB FOR A LITTLE WHILE while abot94 gets his laptop repared

  11. …Heeleys can damage the bones in your feet. One boy in the news about a year ago was wearing his Heeleys, skating/rolling along and the way you position your foot upwards affects your bone, he was crossing a busy road, he skated over the road, was on his heeleys on the other side, rolling along, suddenly fell, he took his Heeley off, tonnes of blood there and he had cracked 2 bones, his Metatarsles and he had to be taken to hospital and was there for 1 month or so, and then they had to wrap his foot in bandage and he wasn’t able to walk for ages. Just warning you.

    And on the Elite Penguin Force side, well yeah. Meh. Don’t have a DS, I bet the game is great! I wish they did it on Wii. Actually, yeah, I might put that forward to Club Penguin, Elite Penguin force on the wii! So yeah, hope you had a great xmas and new year, and thanks for the comment!


  12. Posted by WaterOfCheese (Earth 18) on January 3, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    I had heelys 2 years ago, but I stopped using them a few months later ALL because I got told not to use them in the shop. (a bit stupid of me) Now thanks to that story, I have compelty gone off them! 😀
    Happy birthday Mmopuk (a day late)

  13. Sorry I came late but happy birthday! 😉 Hope you enjoy being 11! When I was 11, I had the BEST school year! Just saying. I’m 12.


  14. I got a 100% in EPF in about 6 hours (over a course of 6 days).

  15. Mmo im sorry i forgot to say happy b day i was so caught up on your b day i wanted to make you a header i did plan to say it ! but forgot when i said header and the header on my site was my first header ever so don’t be cheeky

  16. Posted by snowy1900 on January 3, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    i cant wait for september! im turning 13!!!!

  17. hey i only heely like once a week my parents wont let me do that much plus they only let me do when im holding on to something

  18. and ill bet they are gonna make EPF on the wii and x box 360 wich me and my bro both have so then we could get them for the wii and x box and see if there all different ecsept the the fact that on the DS you have to blow into the mic to call the puffles for the missions but dont ruin it for people by putting cheats up for it cause its actually pretty easy ecsept for the quest/mission wrench in the works how you get that quest/mission is go to ski village when the caption says wadlle around and have some fun and select the guy with styalis and then help him find his wrench

  19. Happy Birthday And Awesome Post! Your Invited To Our 20,000 Hit Party!


  20. Wexlief- Cool 100%! Great Job!
    Scotland- Sorry, I was a bit tired and fustrated that my dad beat me on Bowling on the Wii. Thanks, and your headers are not that bad considering that you just started.
    Snow- …
    Blue- Okay…


  21. Earth, I am not trying to put you off them, you can use your Heeleys every now and again, once a week or so for about, say I dont know a bit, but I am just letting you know what the consequences may be. And good job on going off them!


  22. Posted by WaterOfCheese (Earth 18) on January 4, 2009 at 7:27 am

    I think I grew out of them lol

  23. i need to know why i cant buy anything rrr….

  24. Posted by anjali on January 24, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    How do get brown sidetied hair in the winter 2009 ???

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