New Club Penguin Log In Screen & Treasure Book Update!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin have updated the treasure book and it is pretty cool. If you want to see the ‘Exclusive’ items, they are on the post below, and it seems a lot of you know where Puorto Rico is 😉 ! But, with the new items, I bet a lot of rare and famous penguins will be cross with the returning old ones!

Club Penguin have also updated they’re log in screen. It looks a lot better:


And sorry I couldn’t update yesterday, because I was in a shopping mall in London all day with my mum and dad. I nearly got to post when my dad went into the Apple/mac store, but the wasnt there long! 😉

MERRY CHRISTMAS…keep waddling!



10 responses to this post.

  1. xD I am so excited it’s Christmas Eve! One sleep until the big day! 😛


  2. i know im really excited !

  3. I’m excited too!!!

  4. Awesome contest at my site! For rare non-member penguin over 1000 days old!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Posted by Red The Reindeer on December 25, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    im from puerto rico. also i got an ipod nano for christmas!!!!!!!

  6. Nice Post Dude !

    Could you Submit your funny pics at my
    Funny Pictures & Fan Art & Party Pictures Page ?

    Waddle on snow !

  7. Hello!

    Can you please check out and see my new Header and CSS. Please tell me if you like it by commenting!


  8. i got an ipod nano 8Gb and i got loads more including cp toy !

  9. Nice iPod Nano!

    Sweeaat!!! I got the Firefighter penguin, alien penguin and the soccer player. I also got the Black puffle and Yellow puffle. I allready had the Blue Puffle, I got that about a year ago when the Treasure Book or ‘coin codes’ and the mad Disney ‘rush’ to buy plushes’ and so on. xD 😉

  10. And ofcourse I got loads more pressies! I also gave my family some pressies this christmas.

    I gave my mum a diary and a face mask/pack. I got my dad a big block of Organic dark chocolate, a Basset Hound calendar and 2 bags of liquorice. I got my Grandad a bottle of White wine and a pair of socks. I got my Nanny a magnetic bookmark, 7 mini Yankee Candles and a bottle of Coconut Butter bubble bath. I got my auntie a Grapefruit Bubble bath and handwash set and my uncle a really cool black dish. I also got them a box of Belguim chocolates to share. Phew. That was a lot! xD

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