Christmas Party Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

As you all know the Christmas Party starts on the 19th December. Here is a hint to what looks like the Coffee Shop:ChristmasPeek.jpg

There are lots of other exciting events on Club Penguin over Christmas:

  • Rockhopper Returns
  • Coins for Change
  • Igloo Contest
  • New books in the Book room



7 responses to this post.

  1. Looks to be a great party!

    Here are some cool things that would be good:

    1. Members only room.
    2. A mini christmas catalog.
    3. A countdown clock to Christmas.

    These ideas are probably not going to happen, it is probably too late to submit them to Club Penguin. But you let me know if you think they are good or not.


  2. Posted by Veni Vidi Vici on December 10, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    great blog, good luck with 30,000 hits!

    …but a members only room? i suppose im not a fan of the exclusion.

  3. Cool…

  4. I hate Members only rooms. Why not let everyone enjoy them? We want to enjoy stuff too :X

  5. I think its cool to have member only rooms because I used to be a non member and the cove party was for members only so Im glad im a member now.
    Plz also visit
    and just comment or something.

    ~Numinater ( TNS Productions )

  6. Hey! I just wanted to tell you I have a party. Here’s the info.

    When: December 20th
    Server and Location: Snow Flake, Town
    Time: 12 PST
    I will use my penguin Curse U Pie.
    Wear your best Christmas costume!


  7. Hey Mmopuk! Nice Post! It Seems Like You’ve Made Your Site Much Better! Well, I Enjoyed Last Years Party! I Hope This Party Will Be Really Fun Just Like Last Years! Nice Site, Mmopuk!
    ~PiplupU (Hope You Don’t Mind This)

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