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Mission 10 Released – Waddle Squad & Penguin Contest…No Winner!


Hello Penguins,

Here is the mission guide.

1. Talk to Jet Pack Guy and G.

2. On the box to your right, pick up the solar panel.

3. Go to the Beach then the Lighthouse. Scroll to your right and pick up the barrel full of Cream Soda.

4. Go to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Give him the barrel and then evenly divide the soda so that the 1st and 2nd beaker have 4 units of soda. The 3rd should have 0 units. (Click Help and the bottom to find out the pouring steps)

5. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin with the rope. Put the rope in your inventory.

6. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table and bring it outside to the Town. Place it near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop.

7. Scroll to the right and then click on Rookie. Then give him the solar panel you found earlier. You must solder the solar panel to the cable. Here is what it should look like:


8. Go to the Nightclub. Using the rope you got earlier, put it on the pulley near the cage and hit the lever. Then the machine will break down. Open it up using your screwdriver from your Spy Phone. Here are what the gears should be aligned like:


~iMmopuk~ (made by tooly228)

Rare Penguin Contest Results…

There was no winner. As only 2 of you were smart enough to actually comment with a number (the others thought, lets not bother, as they didnt) and nobody guessed the number correctly…number 9. And if anyone comments withe the no 9 now it is just pointless and if Justrokstar daid, “Can I have it I was closest,” I will just say no. Bang on the head only.



Rare Member Penguin Contest – Round 2!

Hello Penguins,

Congratulations to 1Wally15, Justrokstar, Johnnpikachu, Lil Gangsta, Piplup U and Kybird14 who are going through to the final Round, Round 2. This round closes on 30th December. Tommorow at 00:00. So in other words, get it done today. The rules are very simple.

I have written down a number between 1-10 and it is not 0. You have to comment (only once, any more will be disqualified) your choice of number. Whoever gets it spot on, wins the penguin. You cannot choose the same number as anyone else. Same rules apply, no cussing, advertising, mad stuff etc. And just to let you know only these people can do this:

  • 1Wally15
  • Justrokstar
  • Piplup U
  • Lil Gangsta
  • Kylebird14
  • Johnnpikachu

Okay, and good luck guys!


Rare Member Penguin Contest – Round 1! (CLOSED)

Hello Penguins,

I’ve got a rare penguin contest, all you have to do to get through Part 1 is to comment 50 times, that is all. 50 times only. Then you will automatically go through to Round 2. Round 1 closes on monday 29 dec.


  • Just number comments
  • Nothing with the comments just numbers
  • if you skip, you will start again. Skip again, your out.
  • No cussing/sexual stuff
  • Nothing rude/mean
  • no advertising

Okay, this is what he looks like:


People going through to Round 2:

  1. 1Wally15
  2. Lil Gangsta
  3. Johnnpikachu
  4. Justrokstar
  5. Piplup U
  6. Kybird14

New Igloo Catalog, Secret Agent Warning & A Pile of snow…

Hello Penguins,

I got rid about the post about the banner. They do use some tacky old ______ these days. I decided it was best to leave that word out! 😉

There are some secret Igloo’s, thanks to Chrisdog93 for the pics:



And the Secret Snow Deluxe:


There is also a cheat when you click on the bar, in the flooring page that you get an igloo. You have to click on the ‘floor removal’ page above the workman.

There is also a “Get Ready!!!” Mission alert, type of notice too. G even sent postcards.


Go to the HQ to see.

And to round things off…there is a pile of snow at the beach…




New Club Penguin Log In Screen & Treasure Book Update!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin have updated the treasure book and it is pretty cool. If you want to see the ‘Exclusive’ items, they are on the post below, and it seems a lot of you know where Puorto Rico is 😉 ! But, with the new items, I bet a lot of rare and famous penguins will be cross with the returning old ones!

Club Penguin have also updated they’re log in screen. It looks a lot better:


And sorry I couldn’t update yesterday, because I was in a shopping mall in London all day with my mum and dad. I nearly got to post when my dad went into the Apple/mac store, but the wasnt there long! 😉

MERRY CHRISTMAS…keep waddling!


New Treasure Book Items & Membership Cards In U.K!

UPDATE: Thanks for reaching our goal guys! On the 21st December at 12:00pm pST we reached 30,500. I wasnt online earlier, so lets just say 30k. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Hello Penguins,

I have just noticed that on the Club Penguin blog there is an updated post saying about the Treasure Book items and Membership cards. Let’s start of with the Membership cards. They are now avalaible in over 11,000 U.S stores which are:

  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Wal Mart
  • Target

And they are being shipped over to Pueorto Rico too, (whatever that is!) And most importantly, they are now on sale in Sainsbury’s stores across the United Kingdom.

And, the new Treasure Book items are going to be released on Monday 22nd December. Here is a Sneak Peek!


MERRY CHRISTMAS…keep waddling!


Christmas Party ’08!

UPDATE: I have added another 5 Funny Pictures from the Christmas party to make a total of 290. So go and check them out!

Hello Penguins,

What a brilliant outcome the Christmas party has been. If I have time I will make some funny pics on them, but thats another story.

Collect the ‘Present pin’ in the Ski lodge:


There are also some books in the book room to do with Christmas I think. So go check them out.

There is some free Santa Beards at the Ski Village:


And some Santa Hats at the Snow forts:


And while I was there, I couldn’t help noticing that the Ice Rink has returned!


I think I have covered everything. There will be some more Funny Pictures on the way too, (HOPEFULLY!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS…keep waddling.