New Sports Catalog + Hits are going low!

Hello Penguins,

There is a new Sports Catalog, but nothing to get excited about. There is the Silver Surfboard Cheat (been going for over a year) and click the N in Sports furniture to get the Pommel horse.

Now, some stuff to say is that my blog stats have drooped by a few off a quarter. Help me get them back. I am hoping to have reached 30,000 by Christmas. I will have atleast 1 contest along the way, so that will be good. I also have some quick links to show you.

With regards to my quiz. Only enter once. Entering twice is pointless. So don’t.

With regards to my chat; Dont Swear, Dont say anything rude/innopropriate just be normal and nice. No asking to be members or mods or owners.

Merry Christmas 😉



13 responses to this post.

  1. That’s about all!

  2. Hey mmopuk …..My site has more than 30.000 hits!It is !
    If you want i can add you at my blogroll but you have to add me too!
    Comments at this post your answer!


  3. It’s Ok Mmo, My Hits Went Down Too.

  4. My hits WERE going down.

  5. Cool Post Mmopuk =]

  6. Sick post dude !


  7. lucky you you have 25,000 i hope you come to my 4,000 party mmo and snowy i thought you were nice !

  8. Why do you have a xat chat box?
    AND Why do you even have a chatbox????

  9. Its fine… I have an idea, I can change your css and you will get loads of hits.. Maybe holidays or something other than that thing that has a gap in it?

  10. Nice Post.

    – Chrisdog93

  11. merry xmas to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hey mmo I got 100% at your quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. mmopuk, can you lose hits?

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