A Coin Code for a Heap of Prizes + New settings + Stage Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

Something to brighten your Saturday up.

If you e-amil me a coin code that works to unlock items from the treasure book such as, the items:

  • Brown Skater Hat
  • Pink Skater Hat
  • White Parka
  • MP3000
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Bunny Slippers

If you email me a working code to; mmopuk@gmail.com and I test it and it works I will email you 3 penguins, a buddy add forever and possibly a membership. So what have you got to lose, if you live in U.S.A or Canada or have a coin code don’t hesitate. This is for a limited time only!!! Here are some instructions on how to buy a coin code for those who live in the U.S and Canada:

  1. Go to your local Toys ‘R’ Us store or if you can’t find it, look on the store locater at toysrus.com.
  2. Browse the shelves and look for the figuirine/plush/playset/game or Club Penguin item with a coin on the corner.
  3. Check out and pay for the item and once at home open the packet and best of all youll get a toy!
  4. Look on the back of the coin and send the code to mmopuk@gmail.com. I will then exchange it for the penguin’s passwords and buddy time and mabye membership.
  5. And then best of all, you get, 3 rare penguins, a buddy add by me, a membership and your toy for just 1 code.

Just to let you know that there is a ‘Mute’ button to stop playing the Club Penguin music. Which makes it easier for Club Penguin YouTuber’s. There is also something telling you which server you are on.

As we all know, the New Play at the stage will be released on Friday 21st November. Here is a sneak peek:stagesneak1.jpg

And incase you didn’t already know, Ninja training will begin on Monday where you’ll be able to get the Ninja items and the launch of the new game, Card Jitsu.



12 responses to this post.

  1. What is there to lose?!?

  2. Posted by desdemona on November 15, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    why does eveyone want a coin code??? the items aren’t THAT amazing…

  3. desdemona is right. There are a couple cool items though………

  4. Posted by desdemona on November 15, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    it’s just another one of cp’s moneymaking scams. the only items I would want are the mp3000 and the bunny slippers, but I mean come on, it’s a VIRTUAL world, not real life. nobody NEEDS a coin code or even a membership.

  5. Posted by Club Penguin Ninja on November 15, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Omg i so agree with desdemona if you want to get them you by the yourself! And there just items gosh you dont need to ask ppl to get them for you. You said that you will be your buddy (which youll remove) and you said MAYBE a membership AS IF YOU WOULD WAIST MONEY TO BE HIS BUDDIE AND IT WOULD LAST!
    gosh i used to like this website but now your just being really stupid and rude and if you don’t live in the usa or canada YOU by it off clubpenguin store!!!

    Mmopuk: Look Mr Nosey, I dont live in the USA or Canada and you forgot about the 3 rare penguins?!? Just mind your own buisness, this is my website and I may do as I please. And this is a buddy add FOREVER. And I’m not buying it off the Club Penguin store is because the postage costs more than the actual toy and it takes forever to get there, my best friends mum ordered me and her son some puffles at the begging of December and they came just before Christmas so mabye you should start watching what you’re saying. Only comment here if you are willing to purchase or saying something nice. 😉 Mmopuk.

  6. I Would Get The Bunny Slippers And The Cool Cape.

  7. If This Was Fever Saying This Almost EVERYBODY Would Give Him Codes And Stuff.

  8. Yes, I am also looking for a person for giving me code. If you can, please send it to flareon95cp@aim.com.


  9. Posted by invisable125 on November 16, 2008 at 6:29 am

    im getting a coin code for christmas!!! unless my uncle gets me the ds game from america…… then my nan should get me a coin code for christmas cause my nan is going on holiday to america for christmas to see my uncle so she will buy me lots of club penguin things!!! >:) just intime for my b-day (feb1st) when i will get more coin codes!!!! and when they come to england!! woohoo! i’m gunna get ahead of my friends at the ds game and ehh i best stop talking about getting ahead of my friends at the game now =P and i just remembered i can play it all night when i get it >:)!

  10. Posted by desdemona on November 16, 2008 at 11:06 am

    well anyways mmopuk, if I bought a coin code there is no way I would trade it for ‘possibly a membership’ or a buddy add ‘forever’ or even rare penguins that a bunch of other ppl know the pass to (you and that other person who gave them to you). I’m sure everyone else who has a coin code is just keeping them for themselves too, because most people pay up for the code, not necessarily the toy itself (who wants a cheap-o overpriced stuffed penguin anyways??)

    also, why so desperate? i’m sure that everybody who’s posting on this website will outgrow cp within the next year. it’s not worth it to buy something that you know you will regret buying later on.

    i don’t mean to be rude, but I’m just stating what I think is true about this whole ‘coin code’ chaos. Once you get it and use up the code they will just come out with another set of cool items and the cycle will start over.

  11. Posted by Ms NOBODY on November 17, 2008 at 2:16 am

    i agree with with cp ninja

    NO AFENCE!!!

  12. who, ill you had to do is e-mail me, i have like tons of codes. i can give you one when i get home! e-mail me at lux1200@yahoo.com

    or ill e-mail u!



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