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Rare Penguin Contest!!! (CLOSED)

Hello Penguins,

I thought it’d be time for a competition.

Up for grabs is a rare non-member penguin!

  • Old Pins
  • Old items
  • Been around for long
  • Hard password

So, here is what you have to do to win the penguin.

Am I allowed to enter more than twice?

No. Only once. If I see double accounting by using the same email and ID codes. If you do you will be disqualifified.

How do I win?

Pick a number between 0-200 and comment with your number. I have written down a number and the person closest or spot on wins.

When does the entering close?

Sometime on Sunday 30th November 2008 in the evening. Votes cast after the closing time wont be counted.

Why shall I enter?

You could win a penguin and if you dont enter you wont get a chance to win! And also, the hits will go up and that means it wont be long until a party!

Can I enter the same number as someone else?

No, so always check that that number hasn’t been picked.

What is the name and password?

Why would I tell you that?!? It’s a contest duhh.



New Sports Catalog + Hits are going low!

Hello Penguins,

There is a new Sports Catalog, but nothing to get excited about. There is the Silver Surfboard Cheat (been going for over a year) and click the N in Sports furniture to get the Pommel horse.

Now, some stuff to say is that my blog stats have drooped by a few off a quarter. Help me get them back. I am hoping to have reached 30,000 by Christmas. I will have atleast 1 contest along the way, so that will be good. I also have some quick links to show you.

With regards to my quiz. Only enter once. Entering twice is pointless. So don’t.

With regards to my chat; Dont Swear, Dont say anything rude/innopropriate just be normal and nice. No asking to be members or mods or owners.

Merry Christmas 😉


I’m A Ninja!

Update: I have made myself a quiz based on Club Penguin, click it and be sure to ask your friends to have a go!

Hello Penguins,

At long last, on Club Penguin I have finally become a Ninja. I first won 17 games to earn black belt and then on my 6th attempt, beat the Sensei earning a Black Ninja mask:


And then, entered the Ninja Hideout “Flying Flippers’ Emporium’ to peek through the Martial Artworks catalog:


And finally got my Ninja look:


Please do not copy my look. Thanks.


Christmas Igloo Furniture + ‘Fairy Fables’ at the Stage!

Update: If you are training to be a Ninja (like me) you can only play via the mat, because when you click competition mode, the Sensei is just sitting there and nothing comes up. However, if you are Black belt you can still challenge the Sensei on Sensei mode.

Hello Penguins,

As we are most further approaching that wonderful time of year again… Christmas!!! The new Igloo Furniture catalog has been released:

Click on the Red ribbon for the Leaning tree:


Click the science box for the welcome mat:


Click the Guitar stand for the Music stand:


There is also lots of other cool christmas items!…

There is a new play at the stage ‘Fairy fables’ which sounds girly but it isnt too bad. There is the red cape returning! YES! And a wicked sheep costume.

The hidden item is a cool Silver wand if you click the CD player:


And the Snow Flake tile pin is at the beach:


And also, as you can see, I am only Orange belt on Ninja training which is white…yellow…orange. And all my friends are on high belts already and some are even a ninja. Can you please give me some tips on how to get my belt rank up please as I have been playing since the release on Tuesday. Thanks,


Card Jitsu, Ninja Belt + more!


The ninja update and Card-Jitsu are finally here! First, click on the Sensei in the top right corner.


He will give you cards for training to become a ninja. Each player can use these cards to battle.


Card-Jitsu Guide

You can play Card-Jitsu in three different modes.


1. Each player draws 5 cards from their deck.
2. Both players play a card at the same time.
3. Compare element symbols: water beats fire beats snow beats water (the highest number at upper left wins ties).
4. A win scores 1 point; if numbers are tied, score no points.
5. Discard played cards before the next round. If your deck is out of cards, shuffle your discard pile to make a new deck.
6. Draw a new card at the end of each round.
7. Continue playing rounds. The first player to 5 points win.

Ignore card Powers for these rules.

Card-Jitsu is like Rock, paper, scissors. Certain types beat certain types.

  • Water beats fire.
  • Snow beats water.
  • Fire beats snow.
  • When cards are the same type, the higher number wins.

There are two ways to win Card-Jitsu. Here is how.

1. Have three cards of the same type, in different colors.


2. To have one of each card type, in different colors.


How to become a ninja

Here is how the Sensei says to become a ninja (This is a joke).


The real way to become a ninja is to earn experience from winning matches in Card-Jitsu.

As you master skills, the Sensei will award you with belts of new colors.


The white belt is the first belt. As you get better your belts move up. The best belt is the black belt.


Once you gain a black belt, you will be able to play the Sensei and become a master ninja.

Once you are a master ninja, you may enter a secret room.


No Updates?!?

Hello Penguins,

I got up early to update Club Penguin and there is nothing there. It is 10:50pm PST and I can’t see anything.

I will update as soon as it comes out.


A Coin Code for a Heap of Prizes + New settings + Stage Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

Something to brighten your Saturday up.

If you e-amil me a coin code that works to unlock items from the treasure book such as, the items:

  • Brown Skater Hat
  • Pink Skater Hat
  • White Parka
  • MP3000
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Bunny Slippers

If you email me a working code to; and I test it and it works I will email you 3 penguins, a buddy add forever and possibly a membership. So what have you got to lose, if you live in U.S.A or Canada or have a coin code don’t hesitate. This is for a limited time only!!! Here are some instructions on how to buy a coin code for those who live in the U.S and Canada:

  1. Go to your local Toys ‘R’ Us store or if you can’t find it, look on the store locater at
  2. Browse the shelves and look for the figuirine/plush/playset/game or Club Penguin item with a coin on the corner.
  3. Check out and pay for the item and once at home open the packet and best of all youll get a toy!
  4. Look on the back of the coin and send the code to I will then exchange it for the penguin’s passwords and buddy time and mabye membership.
  5. And then best of all, you get, 3 rare penguins, a buddy add by me, a membership and your toy for just 1 code.

Just to let you know that there is a ‘Mute’ button to stop playing the Club Penguin music. Which makes it easier for Club Penguin YouTuber’s. There is also something telling you which server you are on.

As we all know, the New Play at the stage will be released on Friday 21st November. Here is a sneak peek:stagesneak1.jpg

And incase you didn’t already know, Ninja training will begin on Monday where you’ll be able to get the Ninja items and the launch of the new game, Card Jitsu.