Space Adventure ‘Planet Y’ + Microscope Pin Cheat!

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin have yet again brought back all the costumes from the play 2 times’ ago, but that doesn’t stop them from changing it. There is a new blue alien costume and the lookout is cool as if your on a spaceship. There is some hackin’ awesome effects at the Switchbox 3000 which is located in the aisle at the bottom of your screen in the Stage. The catalog is much the same as the 2 previous times but I will show you this “First small step for Penguin!” picture. Lol! 😀

And heres how to get the new pin:

  1. Go to the Ski Village on your map.
  2. Waddle over to the Sport Shop on the right of your screen.
  3. You’ve found the Microscope pin! (Go back on yourself once in the Sport Shop.)

Here’s a picture:

That’s all! For more Club Penguin Cheats, tips hints and more, keep visiting!



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