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Halloween Party ’08!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry I was a little later posting than usual. Well, the halloween party isn’t that good in my mind, but I will show the cheats however;

First, get the Pumpkin basket located at the Snow forts:

The chocolate stick of candy is in the same room, just click the blue flag on the snowball base.

The lolly bar is at the Dance lounge, just click on the lamp shade.

The lollipop is located in the blue box, which you’ll have to click to open in the Lodge attic.

The green sweetie is in the Plaza, click the cauldron and the sweet will bubble up.

To get the next candy, the pumpkin egg, go to the Cove, click on the ‘Swim at your own risk’ sign and the egg will fly out and land on the Catchin’ Waves hut.

Then look, at the top of the hut and the pumpkin egg should be there.

For the caramel sweet go to the iceberg and click on the Northern lights and the stars should join up to represent the sweet.

The toffee apple will be at the lighthouse beacon. So go to the top and click the thunder 3 times. Then look in one of the pumpkin’s eyes and the toffee apple should be swinging there.

For the last and foremost sweetie go to the Book room and click on the candle.

The green sweetie will roll out of a book on top. Then, to claim your prize click on the pumpkin basket, at the top right of your screen and it will say ‘Claim your prize.’ Click that and a message should appear.

Select Yes.

Then, you will need the Rad Scientist costume to enter the secret room as so.

This can be purchased from the gift shop.

Once in there will be a heap of lanterns, click the heap and select one.

That was the halloween party, ok.

In other news… Please do not add me to your weblog unless I ask which I never will. If you do I will contact WordPress and this is no joke, my uncle works for them and I have already reported 1 blog so that is your warning. Thanks,



Mmopuk’s 20,000 Hits Party!

Hello Penguins,

I am very proud to announce that we have passed the 20,000 milestone. So, I must have a party to celebrate, here is the invitation:

Click on the invitation if you cannot read it, here is another way:

When: Saturday 1st November

Time: 10:45-11:30am PST

Server: Tundra

Where: Dock

Why: 20,000 hits!

We will play games and have lots of fun, here is the schedule although I may not stick to it! 😉

  • 10:45am- I arrive at the dock and wait for late penguins to come.
  • 10:50am- We will head to the Ski Mountain for some sled races!
  • 11:00am- We will head to the Ski Lodge for some Connect-4 games!
  • 11:10am- After that we will head to the nightclub for a little boogy!
  • 11:15am- Once boogied out, we will head to the Book Room for a little Mancala.
  • 11:20am- I will open my igloo on the map, and everyone can pile in and party1
  • 11:29am- Mmopuk will say good-bye and *( post the party overview on this website.) *mabye.
  • 11:40am- Mmopuk runs downstairs to catch the last bit of Harry Hill’s TV burp.
  • 11:45am- Mmopuk snuggles down to watch X-factor.
  • 01:00pm- Mmopuk snuggles up in bed and goes off to sleep.

Hope to see ‘yall there!

Club Penguin’s 3 Year Anniversary!

Update: Well, I understand that you were expecting a 20,000 hits party. Well, there will be one, next Saturday so stay tuned! And in the meantime, I added another 10 funny pictures to make “280 Funny Pictures” as you all like them so much! 😛

Hello Penguins,

Firstly to say what a great effort Club Penguin has made, so much so, that Wwe Adam is not quitting! Woot! Well, the town looks all well and up like the Time’s Square Party, tonight in New York and the Dance floor in the nightclub rocks too!

The party hats are at the Coffee Shop (click on the fan first to blow the icing off.)

There are also some Ice Cream Aprons too:

Head upstairs, for the wicked yearbook!

And then last but not least, the 3 Year Cake Pin is in the Dance Lounge at the top of the Night Club:

And, I probably won’t be on Club Penguin as much as I have some homework to do, but I’ll catch up when I can. And if youhave been/are going to the Party in Times Square, take some pics and upload them. I’ll give you full credit and also tell me what it was like! 😉


Watex Suspended + _rog?

Hello Penguins,

Some oddly matching eye catching titles! How cool! Right, well I was on Frozen this morning (du nun ner!) the server proved to be the “Server of Choice” Lol! Well, I saw this penguin with an odd name. And I don’t mean someone with an odd name like “Matizochawizo” or something bazzar like that I mean unusual, unique and well, frankly impossible to do. This may c0tt0n 0n (penguin name) and may become a cheat, glitch, hack etc with a penguin name using what mabye is a Third party program?!? Against Club Penguin’s rules! Well, this is the highlight of the “Server of Choice” standing up for it’s name:

I swear I didn’t edit the name in my editing programs at all. This is where he was last sighted:

  • Sunday 19th October 2008
  • Frozen
  • Dock
  • 1:23am PST

If you have seen evidence, and/or want to find out what your time shows go to the “Questions?” page and find you’re time zone.

In other news… Watex’s blog has been suspended. Urrgh. It is to do with Watex putting information about Prize Rebel, that gaming site which I personally would never use. Somebody reported this to WordPress and now he is suspended. Possibly forever. Watex is trying his damn’t hardest to get back. He is trying to get through to you on his temporary blog, which was his competition site here’s proof:

See all this for yourself at


JMJ Productions

Hello Penguins,

I, Jojo Mercury and Justrokstar have teamed up to make JMJ Productions. I am the owner and Jojo Mercury will edit and design the videos. Justrokstar will be in the videos and help out. Thanks to this Jojo says he will give me 15 WordPress credits which means I can change this site to How cool will that be? Watch Jojo’s YouTube Channel for videos of us all.


Oct-Nov ’08 Igloo Catalog, Yarr’s Arrival, Go Portugese + New York Party!

Hello Penguins,

A lot of stuff to get through, so little time to do it all in!

Let’s start off with the Catalog Cheats:

On the 5th Page click the yellow books for the chalkboard:

Then, click 2 times on the Pizza Oven for the Stainless Steel Fridge:

Click the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand:

The Pumpkin Igloo has returned and there is now Black Carpet for your home.

Rockhopper has arrived, he has brought back the Eye Patch:

There is also:

  1. Sea Worthy Suit (500 coins)
  2. Sea Worth Dress (500 coins)
  3. Desert Island (850 coins, igloo item)

And also, you can play Club Penguin in Portugese, by changing the language on the login page:

But, your penguin comes out like Penguin……….:

There is also a glitch when loading to your igloo:

And there is going to be a party on Ocotber 24th in New York as part of Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary. The picture was too big for me to upload, but if you want to see the picture go to and the info will be there. So If you live in and around Times Square, New York or you are jetting off on a holiday there, you’re in for some fun!

That’s all!




Mmopuk is back here.

I removed simmer from the blog. Not because he isnt nice, and he so is. He is one of my best buddies on cp. Now, the reason I removed him is because it just wasn’t the same, just mmopuk would be better. Because I didnt realise. I think this blog is better just with me. No offense simmer, its not u, even if I added Spq or WBmist or even Watex, it just wouldnt be the same without just mmopuk.

I hope you understand,