Upcoming Events!

EDIT: Hey! Sorry for an edit, a lot of things to say, firstly, Rockhopper will be arriving within the next couple of days aswell as an Igloo Catalog. And also, if you want to see me on Club Penguin, I will be attending Simmer27, Mohd & Chewy Pup and possibly Watex’s parties so catch me if you can! And thirdly, I haven’t been responding aswell as normal to comments, is because I am off school with a very bad cold, it’s really bugging me and my sore throat. I am having Soothers constantly. Comment saying, “Get Well Soon _ ” and that would really cheer me up. I am still alive. Lol!

Hello Penguins,

As allways I want to inform you with the upcoming news on Club Penguin.

  1. The Fall Fair Party (with all the games to earn tickets for prizes)
  2. Halloween Party (get spooked up, with a party, contests and much more!)
  3. A visit from Yarr (stock up on some RH goods!)
  4. 3 Year Anniversary (Club Penguin turning 3!)
  5. A new Year Book (highlights and parties from ’08!)
  6. A new mission! (sneak peeks of Mission 9 and trailers all on the way!)

So, with loads of exciting events on Club Penguin, why miss out? Check this site for all the goss + info!!!

And as Yarr’s approaching, check out the “How To Find Rockhopper” page and be sure to leave a comment!

But, if it’s Club Penguin Cheats your after, head over to that page and be sure to leave a comment!

But for laughter, head over to the Funny Pics page and leave a comment!

And, if there’s pictures, check out the “Questions?” page, which all are located in the Side Bar!



9 responses to this post.

  1. There you go! 😀

  2. mmopuk. what is your css code? im not using yours exactly cause im changing color and using a different theme. plz no one is telling me.

    Mmopuk: I don’t know the code. If I knew i’d tell you.

  3. Mmopuk you removed me from your blogroll
    I have to remove you of my blogroll incause you add me back.

    Mmopuk: Yaa, whatever.

  4. ok.

    Mmopuk: Ok.

  5. Posted by I Rok Dude on September 17, 2008 at 6:12 am

    hi mmo i made a new vid go to youtube and search “i rok dudes” dont forget the s

    Mmopuk: Please no begging.

  6. Posted by I Rok Dude on September 18, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    why are you like that it doesnt cost you anything to subscribe

    Mmopuk: I don’t have a YouTube account. I am under 13, I can’t.

  7. Hey awesome post, Comment Back~
    -Ninjaboy1 o.O

    Mmopuk: Thanks Ninja!

  8. Posted by I Rok Dude on September 18, 2008 at 11:39 am

    i am also under 13 i just say im 17 lol.

    Mmopuk: Well that’s lying and also my mum and dad won’t let me. Tough luck.

  9. Hey dude!

    Nice site!

    You can join my Ultimate Links! Post a comment back on my site if you want to!

    Keep up the good work!


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