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Fall Fair ’08!

2nd Edit: Sorry for yet another edit, just to say that, there are only 1,000 limited edition Plush Vikings on 1,000 lucky penguins will win them! All thanks to There is also a pic of Billybob standing with the original Plush Penguin. I will get them uploaded shortly! And also, the Funny Pictures page is a hit on fire! I have added 20 more from the Fall Fair, so check them out!

Quickee Edit: There is a hackin’ awesome Sneak Peek to do with the 24th October! Yup, because 24th October 2005 was when Club Penguin all begun. Go to to see all. Use the orange mitten to cover the snow, but be quick! The snow covers up soon after!

Hello Penguins!

WOW! One of the best events ever! Literally! Take a look at this…

Test Your Strength at the Dock

Grab ‘N Spin at the Dock

Puffle Paddle at the Snow Forts

Puffle Shuffle at the Forest

Feed-O-Puffle at the Cove

Memory Card Game at the Beach

And the non-members Prize Booth is at the Forest and the members’ one is at the “Members Only” room in the Snow Forts. There is also two extra “Members Only” games there. And, last but not least the Lollipop Pin is at the Lighthouse:

In other news… Now this is sportsmanship. A true fan would comment 40 times to get put on the site. Now, I have quite a few fans, but i’m pretty sure that just over 1/2 of them wouldn’t comment 40 times just to get their player-card up here. Doctor Nunga did.

Doctor Nunga, a true friend. Even with my poor editing skills, I edited it for you, Manchester boy!



Mission 9 + Fall Fair Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

Evidence from the Club Penguin blog has revealed this Sneak Peek of Mission 9. Here it is.

I edited it to make it look like goo.

And here is yet another Fall Fair Sneak Peek. Looks like last year though. I bet it will be great though!

Do you love my editing?!? 😛

IMPORTANT: I am extremley busy, and what keeps me going is my views and viewers. So, please help me get atleast 10 comments by different people. Otherwise, I may get a little tired and get bored of blogging. I am not getting tired cos’ I love you guys coming. I will not quit Club Penguin. Thanks, and please don’t worry and shiver and quiver and get nightmares with a creepy Mmopuk and haunted penguins. It is near Halloween though! 😉 What are you. I am either Dracula or Skeleton. ‘Tho I was Skeleton for the past 2 years. Hmm.


Furniture Catalog Sep-Oct ’08!

EDIT: Hi! Sorry for yet another edit, it’s just basically me saying “Sorry” that the post was SO short. I had to get up and ready for school and secondly, Rockhopper isn’t coming, it’s just that it’s National “Talk Like A Pirate Day” O A-r-r-r-g-h-h! Shiver me timbers! Try practicing if y-a-r-r can! 😛

Hi penguins,

Here is the catalog cheats:

Chalk Board:

Stainless Steel Fridge:

Guitar Stand:


Overall, a great effort by Disney. A great catalog!


Upcoming Events!

EDIT: Hey! Sorry for an edit, a lot of things to say, firstly, Rockhopper will be arriving within the next couple of days aswell as an Igloo Catalog. And also, if you want to see me on Club Penguin, I will be attending Simmer27, Mohd & Chewy Pup and possibly Watex’s parties so catch me if you can! And thirdly, I haven’t been responding aswell as normal to comments, is because I am off school with a very bad cold, it’s really bugging me and my sore throat. I am having Soothers constantly. Comment saying, “Get Well Soon _ ” and that would really cheer me up. I am still alive. Lol!

Hello Penguins,

As allways I want to inform you with the upcoming news on Club Penguin.

  1. The Fall Fair Party (with all the games to earn tickets for prizes)
  2. Halloween Party (get spooked up, with a party, contests and much more!)
  3. A visit from Yarr (stock up on some RH goods!)
  4. 3 Year Anniversary (Club Penguin turning 3!)
  5. A new Year Book (highlights and parties from ’08!)
  6. A new mission! (sneak peeks of Mission 9 and trailers all on the way!)

So, with loads of exciting events on Club Penguin, why miss out? Check this site for all the goss + info!!!

And as Yarr’s approaching, check out the “How To Find Rockhopper” page and be sure to leave a comment!

But, if it’s Club Penguin Cheats your after, head over to that page and be sure to leave a comment!

But for laughter, head over to the Funny Pics page and leave a comment!

And, if there’s pictures, check out the “Questions?” page, which all are located in the Side Bar!



Hello Penguins,

Now I hate posting things back to back for some reason, it makes me think i’m posting things for no reason. But, it’s a Saturday afternoon, with nothing to do, so I might aswell ask you to vote about my website. Out of 10 will do. Please do not say 0 or anything above 10. And you are not allowed halves or quarters or decimals. Just round figures.

Here’s the catagorising:

  1. = Extremely Poor.
  2. = Poor.
  3. = Below Par.
  4. = Nearly Okay.
  5. = Okay.
  6. = Not too bad.
  7. = Good.
  8. = Great!
  9. = Fabulous!
  10. = The best Club Penguin cheats blog in the world!

Dont lie, just an honest opinion will do.


Rare Penguin Contest! (Closed)

WINNER: Dark Crow200, has won the penguin, I will be e-mailing him the penguin name and password. Thanks foe entering, and keep your eyes peeled for another contest soon!

Hello Penguins,

Just recently, I had a contest to win a penguin. Now like last time, it wasn’t a commenting contest because I think they are a bit brutish and harsh on you guys because that’s all I did before I started blogging. I wanted a penguin to get a boost. And it is a bit unfair. Quite a lot actually. So all those “super” famous penguins, well whats left of them after all the “quitting” business, that make you comment, they don’t know how it feels to be in their boots. I may have one occasionaly though. Like last time it was lottery, this time it’s guess the room. Guess all 3 correctly and win! It’s that simple! As normal, a few breifings should be told so. So please follow the usual safety breifings. Thank You.

  1. You are only allowed 1 guess.
  2. Cheating with multiple accounts and third party programs is illegal.
  3. Don’t swear, say foolish or bad words.
  4. No advertising.
  5. Contest ends on Sunday 14th September.

Here are the rooms:

If you really dont know, just have a stab in the dark, who knows, you may win!

Cya Later!


Ruby And The Ruby!

EDIT: Click on the door handle for the dark detective coat.

Hello Penguins,

Firstly is that I’m proud to announce that I am posting before Mike92, Wwe Adam, Mew850, Watex, Jc4x4, Gator360 and Cabluey! So what do you think? So, there’s a new Club Penguin play at the stage, it’s pretty awesome if you ask me! Well, I dont think there’s any cheats, so here’s the catalog:

And the new pin is at the Dock: