Igloo Furniture Catalog Aug ’08 & New Pin!

Hello Penguins,

Another not so bad update by Club Penguin, and yes, I admit, I forgot to set my alarm-clock. Sorry, so here is the new pin, located in the Boiler Room:

And there’s a new catalog!

And there’s also some hidden items too!

Click on the Lava Lamp for the Blender…

And click on the Piano for the Guitar Stand…

And also, check out the “Club Penguin Cheats” page. It has totally been re-designed.

In other news… I am a great fan of the Panic Button and wanted to share this with you…

That is so true! So true! Well, that got me up and laughing this morning! 😀

Well, tell me what you think of the updates, so i’m off to play Catchin’ Waves!



15 responses to this post.

  1. Are you a slinky???

  2. YO! Nice Post! dude Don’t use JPG get it as png!

    Mmopuk: It won’t let me, I can only use JPG.

  3. GREAT POST! Keep up the fantastic work!!

    ~Bike Boy93~

    Mmopuk: Thanks Bike! You’re a great friend! 😀

  4. wow your css ROCKS! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Mmopuk: Thanks Limeboy! Glad you liked it! 😛

  5. What’s ur email I’ll add you as soon as I get it.

    Mmopuk: Sorry for bad spellings, my mum was passing the laundry and I was folding it. I told you my family-email/WP one on your site. Then again it’s LINK REMOVED. Thanks!

  6. Hey thanks for commenting on my site!You CSS is really cool!Wanna add me on this blog or CP?Or both! 😛

    Mmopuk: Glad you like the CSS!
    1. I don’t like other people working on the site.
    2. I am currently full. Although, I might have a couple of spots left.

  7. Hi. You commented on my site and I decided to say Hello.

    Nice site, I really need CSS or domain.

    Mmopuk: Really? Cool!

  8. I love The Panic Button! Its sooo funny!

    Mmopuk: Yea, it is!

  9. http://xgardena.wordpress.com/ my second blog. You can help us by advertizing our site.

    Mmopuk: Sorry, i’m low on time so I can’t.

  10. hi mmopuk! i saw u on mammoth earlier today, remember? I said I’s heard of u! 😀 Anyway, here’s my site:
    http://bodge101.wordpress.com pls check it out ill have 100,000 hits soon!

    Mmopuk: Yes I saw you, and I was trying to ask you what part of England were you from?

  11. p.s. sorry i left on cp i lost connection!

    Mmopuk: Ohh, you just missed some weird purple ppl i’m about to post about!

  12. nice css

    Mmopuk: Cheers!

  13. Thanks for the comments ppl! 😀

  14. Great post Mmopuk and thanx for commenting on my site I mean how did u find out about it is it because I commented on tren56’s site? lol

    Mmopuk: Yeah, Tren’s site! 😉

  15. oh lol

    Mmopuk: Yeahhhhh.

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