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Mmopuk’s Newsletter!

Hello Penguins,

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Club Penguin Band!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry i’m late, I spent my whole day at a motor show in ExCeL in London so I didn’t have a lot of time to post. It is now late at 9pm, past my bedtime and the train was late to so I am too. I am very tired so apologies for grammar and spelling mistakes (if any).

The pics are from Gator360.

Stompin’ Bob

G Billy

Petey K


Let me know who you’ve seen by posting a comment. I haven’t seen any as i’ve had to catch 5 trains, 3 that were late and a total of 6 and a half hours, i’m worn out!

Also, read my posts at Send me mail too, i’m Mmopukcp.

Waddle On!

Music Jam 08!

Hello Penguins,

The music Jam festival has finally undergone and is totally awesome! It is now the best party on Cp as well as the April Fools. Firstly, to get a backstage pass, you need to buy it. So have some change spare and go to the little kiosk in the Snow Forts to buy. There are also some rear t-shirts too. Buy this…

Once you have rooted for some change (50) and brought the Backstage Pass, go to the Dock and click on the V.I.P sign and enter. The room was overcrouded and even on an empty-server so I couldn’t take a pic. But there’s a sneek peek in the catalog. Click on the “I”…

Then go to the Plaza for the Music Jam shirts…

Then, go to the Cove for some (rear) maraccas. (I’m burried in them! Lol! 😛

Then check out the new game in the Nightclub! DJ Mix. It’s a good way to earn some money to buy that Bass Guitar or Mexican Shirt you wanted…

Oh yes! And lastly, if you see something good performing, ie. The Penguin Band at the Iceberg, give them a round of applause by pressing the “Applause” button…

I also hear that there will be a different band each day at the Dock!

Waddle On!

New Game Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek for a new level on a game. It looks very ugly to me. What game do you think it is?

Also,  1Wally15, post a comment with your WordPress e-mail and i’ll edit it. Hopefully he can help to get my CSS up and running. If what your looking for is the newspaper and can’t go on Cp, visit

Waddle On!

Dj Game Sneek Peak!

Hello penguins,

I am now here for good, I am still working on, but I will be based here. Even with a crap CSS. Who really cares? I know, I know a blog is ALSO about looking good, but atleast I can produce good info even with a crap CSS.

Anyways, BAD NEWS. You can only have 100 buddies. Sorry to all my buddies and Darthpuckie especially as you wanted me to add you. Membership Igloos has changed, yet again with a sticky (post-it) of a list of igloos which looks better.

I have also unravelled a Sneek Peak of the new Dj game, Dj mix. It will be launched on Friday 25th adjasent to the Music Festival, which will fit in nicely. I have a picture for you here…

It looks to be very cool, so make sure you check out the nightclub on Friday and make sure to come here for the cheats. Also, Watex/Fever will get more famous with this pic, because on the right speaker it says “Fever”. Click to enlarge, as you might not see it. I am also going to see WALL.E on Friday, (he so sweet!)

Sorry i’m kinda random. Waddle On!